Artist Diploma Program

Artist Diploma Program

What you will study


The Artist Diploma Program is a two-year, non-degree program strongly recommend for people who wish to accomplish proficiency in a professional performer field. This program offers students the opportunity to build skills of intensification into their performance careers. Qualifications for enrolling in this program are determined primarily by the level and quality of performance. Attainment of 56 units is required to complete this diploma and all students who are enrolled in this program are required to participate in performing activities and in at least of two solo recitals every semester.

Fall 2018 Music Calendar – CD/AD

8/14-8/28 Continuous Registration Period
9/6 Fall LICM Faculty Meeting @ 12:00 pm
9/6 . Advising for all students 10am –3pm
9/6 Student Orientation/Meet the Faculty 12:00
9/6 TPT Testing for Freshmen 11:00 am
9/10 Classes Begin
9/10-9/14 Add/Drop/Late Registration
10/8 Columbus Day – No Classes
10/22-10/26 Mid-Term Week (Grades due 48 hours after exams)
10/22 Graduation Program to be submitted for those who are graduating December  2018
11/22-11/23 Thanksgiving – No classes
11/26 Classes Resume
12/3 By Appointment Advising for Spring 2019 (All Students)
12/4 By Appointment Spring 2019 Registration begins

Full tuition due for International students for Spring 2019

12/10 Examination Week (Grades due 48 hours after exams)
TBA Final Jury 10:30 am (Piano/Voice/Conducting/Strings)
TBA Fall Graduation recitals 2:00
1/22 Spring 2019 Semester begins


Graduation Recital TBA Commencement TBA

Schedule can be changed without prior notice.

Please check school website for updated schedule for current semester.


*A completed application form needs to be submitted at least one week before the actual audition takes place.
*LICM auditions are only held in our Long Island Campus. Applicants residing outside of the U.S.A. may send a cd or youtube link for their audition.

Artist Diploma Audition Repertoire

Piano / Jazz Piano One polyphonic composition,
a movement of Classical Sonata
One romantic or/and one contemporary piece
Voice (Classical) Four opera arias in two different languages.
*One aria must be by Mozart
Voice(Musical / Jazz) Three musical selections in contrasting styles
Monologue (Max.2 Min)
String One fast and slow movement from any concerto in the standard repertoire.
Complete sonata.
One virtuoso piece.
Woodwind / Brass(Classic / Jazz) Two contrasting pieces from any period.
One full concerto from any period.
Composition Submit at least one orchestral work,
a chamber music composition and other representative works in varied combinations.
Performance tapes, if available, should be included.NOTE: no application will be considered without an orchestral work.
Percussion (Classic / Jazz) 1. Mallets- Two-mallet solos of your choice and Four-mallet solos of your choice. Knowledge of scales and arpeggios and four standard orchestral excerpts.2.Snare Drum -Etudes from Cirone Portraits in Rhythm or
Delecluse 12 Etudes or the equivalent. Knowledge of rudiments and ornaments. Ability to roll at all dynamic levels and four standard orchestral excerpts.3. Timpani – Etudes from Goodman method, Firth, Delecluse, or Hochrainer books or the equivalent. Ability to tune accurately. Ability to roll at all dynamic levels and four standard orchestral excerpts.
Conducting One selection of contestant’s choice on your instrument of study. Theory placement exam by LIC.
Applicant must prepare the following selections to be conducted during the live performance.

  1. Mozart, Piano Quartet in G minor
  2. Vivaldi, Spring 1 st movement
  3. Mozart, Sull’aria


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