Music Lessons

Music Lessons

What you will study

We offer private music lessons for a variety of instruments, as well as group lessons for students. The school offers opportunities for ensemble and orchestra participation and theory classes.

Private lessons
The Music Department offers a wide range of music classes: piano, string, woodwinds, brass, drum, guitar, flute and vocal studies. A free evaluation is arranged before registering for private lessons. The evaluation provides students and teachers with a good chance to meet with each other. Teachers can get to know the students’ level and prepare their teaching plan accordingly. Teachers will introduce students to different styles of music, namely classical, jazz, popular and special occasion. Based on the NYSSMA test guidelines, music is selected according to the students’ ability and level. Teachers will prepare students for the tests during their lesson.

Through diction, solfege and theoretical explanation, this will provide fundamental music, theoretical knowledge and instruction on basic music, on sight reading and on ear training skills. It is designed to enhance the students’ ability to better understand musical pieces and to learn musical pieces more quickly.


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