Dr. Ross Aftel

Ross Aftel works in many different areas of music academia. After studying performance and music theory/composition in his undergraduate studies at East Carolina, he then pursued a master's degree in performance at the University at Buffalo. After a year of teaching with a non-profit at an elementary school in Virginia, he continued his studies with a second master's degree in music history/music theory, and a doctorate in musical arts at Stony Brook University. Ross finished his doctorate in the spring of 2020. 

Aside from his studies, Ross has been serving as an archivist for the Emerson String Quartet since 2015. He has helped them compile and display their work over the span of their 40-year history. Ross has also been heavily active in working with dance and theater. He has accompanied Bill Evans, Doug Varone, served as faculty at Perry Mansfield Dance Festival and at SUNY Brockport. In The winter of 2019, Ross composed and performed the music to Kiyou Kamisawa's modern adaptation of the Noh play Yuya in New York City. 

Ross has performed and taught around the world. From touring in Serbia with a string quartet, to premiering new works in Beijing, he has been able to premiere new works and share research with many audiences. Recent research presentations have included issues of diversity in repertoire, disability in music performance, and 勢 (shì) as a hermeneutic model for contemporary performance studies. Ross has also been an active ESL teacher for 6 years.