Long Island Conservatory of Music

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About Us

Who We Are

THE LONG ISLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC (LICM) consists of internationally trained faculty members who have obtained their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from world-renowned institutions. LICM has become one of the most professionally developed performing music schools on Long Island. With our small but distinguished student body and intimate class size, LICM greatly enhances each student’s individual creativity. We guide and instruct students on a personal level so that they can reach their highest potential. Each year, we select several outstanding students to participate in prestigious music festivals, where the most talented young musicians from around the world perform and compete. In addition, we are in the process of organizing various international music competitions designed to offer our students the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and compete at the highest level. LICM’s ultimate responsibility and goal are to foster the finest young professionals who will be recognized wherever they perform as musicians.


Mission Statement:

The Long Island Conservatory of Music creates a music-based program of education and performance that motivates and empowers students in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Every student will be challenged to take part, learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social, and vocational goals. Its graduates will be instilled with the integrity, knowledge, and intellectual maturity to become leaders. LICM provides a unique educational focus that emphasizes performance skills, enabling our students to participate in the community arena as mature citizens. LICM is dedicated to the individual. 

In March of 1992, Long Island Conservatory (LIC) was founded in Albertson, New York. LIC was established on the founding principle that every child should have access to equal opportunities and a quality education. LIC recognizes that education is a central factor for upward mobility in our society and has consistently sought to create and establish impactful youth leaders through its numerous youth development programs. Throughout the years, LIC has expanded its reach in the educational classes provided with a continued commitment to youth development. LIC also strives to provide educational opportunities to all students regardless of their ability to pay.


Nyack College and Long Island Conservatory Pen Agreement to Share Academic Resources



On March 10, 2020, NYACK College President Dr. Michael Scales and Long Island Conservatory President Minsun Kim signed a letter of intent to share academic resources between the two institutions.