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World class musicianship development for

post-graduate performers




Long Island Conservatory of Music (LICM) consists of internationally trained faculty members who have obtained their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from world-renowned institutions. LICM has become one of the most professionally developed performing music schools on Long Island. With our small but distinguished student body and intimate class size, LICM greatly enhances each student’s individual creativity. We guide and instruct students on a personal level so that they can reach their highest potential. Each year, we select several outstanding students to participate in prestigious music festivals, where the most talented young musicians from around the world perform and compete. In addition, we host two annual international and local music competitions designed to offer our students the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and compete at the highest level. LICM’s ultimate responsibility and goal are to foster the finest young professionals who will be recognized wherever they perform as musicians.

Violin Performer

Artist Diploma (AD) Program - 2 years

The Artist Diploma (AD) Program is a two-year, non-degree program designed for performers who wish to accomplish proficiency in a professional performer field. This program offers students the opportunity to build skills of intensification into their performance careers. Qualifications for enrolling in this program are determined primarily by the level and quality of performance. Attainment of 56 units is required to complete this diploma and all students who are enrolled in this program are required to participate in performing activities and in at least of two solo recitals every semester.


Conservatory Diploma (CD) Program - 4 years

The Conservatory Diploma (CD) Program is a four-year, non-degree program designed to give aspiring musicians a solid musical foundation and to develop skilled performers in their chosen field of study. This program is available for students wishing to study keyboard, orchestral instruments, and voice. This program adds more time to the intense studio training and comprehensive instruction in stage performance. The program focuses on three concentration areas: major field of study, coursework in music-related subjects and ensemble performance.

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