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Rebecca Pan

Given recitals throughout Asia, North America and Europe, Ms. Pan’s most recent performance was her solo debut as the winner of Marbury Competition, where she was invited to perform the Tchaikovsky violin concerto. Ms. Pan has won a variety of awards, including 2020 the first prize of Marbury Violin Competition, the first prize in the 2013 Thomas Cooper International Violin Competition, China Region, the sixth prize of the 2012 Qing Dao National Violin Competition, youth group, and the second prize of the 1st Hong Kong International Violin Competition. As a soloist, Ruoying has performed with Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, Harbin Symphony Orchestra and Xi'an Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Pan joined the Apollo string quartet as the first violin in 2017,she's also a co-founder and the first violin of Proust quartet. Ms. Pan has also taken masterclasses from Toby Appel, Elmar Oliveira, Midori Goto, Charles Castleman, Kathleen Winkler, Cho-Liang Li and Hye-Jin Kim. In May 2013, she went to Stockholm and held a performance as an invited soloist at the Swedish Lila Music School. In October of the same year, she attended the " Baroque Chamber Music Week " in Shanghai. In April 2014, she participated in a music festival held in the city of Marne, France. In October 2014, she was the only violin soloist to perform at the 50th-anniversary concert of the middle school attached to China Conservatory of Music. Born in China, Ms. Pan started her musical education at five. She graduated from the China Conservatory of Music with her middle high school degree. She came to the United States as a full scholarship recipient to study with the Queen Elizabeth Competition Second Place Winner Professor Keng-Yuen Tseng. Since then, Ms. Pan graduated from the Rice Shepherd School of Music on a full scholarship with her master’s degree and came to Stony Brook University to study with all four violin faculty at Stony Brook and also study chamber music with Emerson Quartet. 

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