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Pin-hui Tsai

A native of Taiwan, Pin-hui Tsai is an active performer and educator in Long Island, New York. Serving as the cello faculty of Long Island Conservatory and New York Conservatory, along with his own private studio, Tsai leads a group of students who succeed in NYSSMA Evaluation Festival and enjoy music making. Currently pursuing his doctoral degree, Tsai has given chamber music coaching to undergraduate students at Stony Brook University. Beyond that, he has also participated in Opportunity Music Project and Harmony Program which aim to assist underserved communities in the NYC area.

Pin-hui Tsai has engaged in multiple forms of performances throughout his music career. In Taiwan, he has given concerts at National Concert Hall in Taipei, among others taken place in Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung. Internationally, Tsai has collaborated with famed soloists —Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, Clara Jumi Kang, Rachel Barton Pine, and Yo-yo Ma. Additionally, Pin-hui Tsai participates in the Outreach Program and Decoda Workshop at Stony Brook University, presents chamber music concerts at nursing homes and public libraries across Long Island, and supports Shema Youth Orchestra which holds benefit concerts annually for various causes.


Tsai has won several prizes in Taipei and Taiwan Music Competition. He was invited to National Education Radio to advocate the essentiality of chamber music in school curriculum. In addition, Tsai was a scholarship recipient of MacDowell Club of Milwaukee, winner of Chamber Music Competition at the Hartt School, fellow of Stamford Symphony and Round Top Orchestra Institute. Currently, Pin-hui Tsai rediscovers his cultural root, establishing Project 23.6° N: Taiwanese Concert Series which promotes music written by Taiwanese composers Tsang-Houei Hsu and Tyzen Hsiao in New York area.


Pin-hui Tsai has earned his Bachelor’s degree with honors in Music Performance at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with Dr. Stefan Kartman. As a Master’s student, he studied with Prof. Mihai Tetel at the Hartt School. Pin-hui Tsai is currently a doctoral candidate under Prof. Colin Carr at Stony Brook University. Outside of music, Pin-hui enjoys meditating, hiking, or having a cup of coffee with a great book.

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