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Academic Policies

Each student is expected to attend all of his/her classes regularly. Students are responsible to make­up the work that they missed during their absence. Unexplained absences or absences without appropriate excuses will result in lower grades, especially when it affects the participation of class work and activities. Absence of more than 20% of the class may result in failing of the course.

Report Cards
A copy of a transcript of every student’s academic record indicating his/her standing is mailed to the student’s home at the end of each semester.

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Refund Policy

Refunds are made at the option of LICM for conditions beyond the student’s control such as the student’s obligation to join the military services, having serious health problems, or other emergency situations that the Committee of Refunds decides to accept. All requests must be accompanied by the appropriate certifications and proofs.

  • Withdrawal from school before the first day of classes; refund of 100% of tuition and fees.

  • Withdrawal from school before the end of the second week of the semester; refund of 70% of tuition and fees.

  • Withdrawal from school during the third week of classes and the end of the fourth week of classes; refund of 40% of tuition and fees.


*After 4 weeks from the time of registration, no refund will be given regardless of classes attended.
*For all International Students – A full refund (except the $100 registration fee) will be given only upon proof of rejection of the F-1 VISA.
*For all of the three cases mentioned above, a deduction of a $100 fee applies.
The registration fee is non-refundable.

*The student refund may be more than stated above if the accrediting agency or federal refund policy results in a greater refund.

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